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Psychic Medium Queen has become increasingly busy. Thus, It can be tough to book a same day reading.To remedy this, Queen now offers same day Emergency readings. These readings will be limited according to availability. Emergency reading hours will be scheduled after reading hours; which are currently 9-3pm PST. Emergency reading hours will extend to 3-7pm PST where possible. See prices below for same day emergency reads only. 

Twin Flame Same Day emergency Reading: 30 minutes 120.00

Mediumship Same Day Emergency Reading: 30 mins 140$

General: 30 mins 115.00


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*Serious inquiries only* Send a message when prepared to book a reading. A message will be sent to Psychic Medium Queen and she will contact you via email. Please ask for reading availability. Spots are limited.  

Please Note: Messages un-related to readings will not be answered. If this messaging system is abused you will not be able to send messages to psychic medium queen. Abuse of messaging include- inquries not related to booking and messaging with no desire to book. Thank you for your consideration.

~The Team of Psychic Medium Queen